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Baseball Fever - Catch It!
June 13 – June 17, 2001

The year was 2001.  The season was spring, a time when a young man's fancies turn not to thoughts of love, but to thoughts of baseball.  In fairness, Tennyson's poem was published some 25 years prior to any formalization of Doubleday and Cartwright's game, so it would almost certainly read differently today.  That said, we were finishing up our third year at the University of Virginia as baseball's opening day once again captivated the hearts and minds of the nation.  Particularly vulnerable to baseball's grip were college students who enjoyed playing online fantasy sports and were less than engaged in the goings-on of the academic world around them.  We fell into both of these categories, and so decided to plan a baseball road trip for June.

As both of us had summer jobs lined up that would severely limit vacation time, we had to come up with a short trip that still accomplished our objectives of seeing several games at different ballparks.  The key stadium we sought to visit was naturally Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs.  Given the close proximity of the baseball-playing cities of the Midwest, this seemed like an ideal part of the country for our trip.  We began poring over the MLB schedules and found several consecutive dates on which we could see the Indians, Cubs, Brewers, Reds, and Pirates play at home.  What began as an idle daydream quickly blossomed into a four-day, five-stadium whirlwind tour of the American Midwest.

Armed with a passion for the game and a 1992 Chrysler Grand Voyager, we headed west on Interstate 64 on a clear Wednesday night.  By the time Sunday afternoon rolled around, we had visited five stadiums while driving 2030 miles through ten states in less than four complete days.

Note: As this trip occurred in the pre-digital camera era of our lives, we only have a few photos of the trip, all taken in Cleveland.  So we have borrowed some illustrations from Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons to help tell our story.  Appropriate credit is given where due.

Day 1: Lexington, VA to Cambridge, OH
Day 2: Cambridge, OH to Battle Creek, MI
Day 3: Battle Creek, MI to Lafayette, IN
Day 4: Lafayette, IN to Cambridge, OH
Day 5: Cambridge, OH to Lexington, VA
Trip statistics