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Who we are

Matt Green Matt Green


Brooklyn, NY


- Examining satellite images of the Earth
- Studying the geography of New York City
- Setting subway-riding records
- Trying to fit more beans into my diet
Rob MoncureRob Moncure


Raleigh, NC


- Driving long distances
- Staring at the electronic map on airplanes
- Insisting that people pronounce "Nevada" correctly
- Chomping down on a good Navajo taco

We met during our first year of college at the University of Virginia, where we shared an interest in student advocacy.  For example, upon hearing rumors that the school’s “unlimited” meal plan may actually only provide for 50 meals per week, we planned out 51 separate trips to the dining hall over the course of seven days to prove that one could not, in fact, eat an unlimited number of meals.

Over the next few years we began to focus more of our energies on traveling.  We quickly moved from simple excursions (a tour of baseball stadiums in the Midwest) to more advanced fare (riding a Greyhound bus for 52 consecutive hours).  Our pièce de résistance was a 19,000-mile road trip from Virginia to all points west, the highlights of which included swimming in the Arctic Ocean and eating at the world’s northernmost Taco Bell (for those of you wondering, it’s in Fairbanks, Alaska).

We are well known for our strenuous methods of training and preparing for our trips, which include such intensive measures as eating pizza and watching Smokey and the Bandit.

After spending nearly five years on opposite sides of the country, we reunited on June 4, 2007 for a five-day, 150-mile walking tour of New York City.  For more information, click here.