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NYC Trek 2007

The Rules

- The total distance walked must be at least 150 miles.

- All mileage counted toward the total must be walked.

- Unlike the NYC Marathon and the Five Boro Bike Tour, the route must include significant mileage in all five boroughs.

- We cannot set foot outside of NYC during the walk.

- No form of transportation other than walking can be used to further our position along the route, with two exceptions:

1) We will take the Staten Island Ferry from Staten Island to Manhattan. This is a necessity because the only bridge connecting Staten Island to another NYC borough is the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, which does not have pedestrian facilities.

2) We will take the Roosevelt Island aerial tram from Manhattan to Roosevelt Island. This is not a necessity, but it is highly cool and only advances us about half a mile along the route.

- All of our supplies must be either carried on our back or bought en route.

- We have to find lodging along the route. As implied by the above rules, we cannot take a non-walking form of transportation to and from a place of lodging.

- Ideally, someone from out of town with no connection to NYC should be able to complete this walk. This rules out, for example, spending the night at a friend's apartment, since a stranger to the area would have no friends to stay with.