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NYC Trek 2007

How you can help

While the physical challenges of this walk are a burden we must bear on our own, there are other ways you can help us succeed if you're so inclined.

Perhaps the greatest threat we face is the risk of demoralization due to oppressive heat, drenching rain, lack of sleep, injury, and the inevitable bickering that comes with spending way too much time with the same person. Here are some things you can do to keep our spirits high:
Do you have any suggestions for our list of demands to be read on the steps of City Hall? Don't be shy.

Is there somewhere in your neighborhood we should check out? If so, please let us know. Due to time constraints, we probably won't be able to include every suggestion in our route, but we'll hit as many as we can.

If our journey leaves you feeling charitable, go participate in or donate to a charity walk in your area.