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The Bridges of New York County

Saturday, May 24, 2008 (Memorial Day weekend)

From the GW around the horn to the Brooklyn, here are the bridges we'll cross on our walk.

- George Washington (New Jersey to Manhattan)
- Broadway (Manhattan to Marble Hill)
- Henry Hudson (Bronx to midspan and back to Bronx)
  Note: The Henry Hudson's walkway is closed due to construction. However, there is a maintenance walkway open to the public that can only be accessed from the Bronx.
- University Heights (Bronx to Manhattan)
- Washington (Manhattan to Bronx)
- Macombs Dam (Bronx to Manhattan)
- 145th Street (Manhattan to Bronx)
- Madison Avenue (Bronx to Manhattan and back to Bronx)
  Note: Due to the closure of the Henry Hudson's walkway, we have to walk over one of the Harlem River bridges and back in order for the route to work.
- 3rd Avenue (Bronx to Manhattan)
- Willis Avenue (Manhattan to Bronx)
- Bronx leg of Triborough (Bronx to Randall's Island)
- Manhattan leg of Triborough (Randall's Island to Manhattan)
- Ward's Island (Manhattan to Ward's Island)
- Queens leg of Triborough (Ward's Island to Queens)
- Roosevelt Island (Queens to Roosevelt Island)
- Queensboro (Manhattan to Queens)
- Pulaski (Queens to Brooklyn)
- Williamsburg (Brooklyn to Manhattan)
- Manhattan (Manhattan to Brooklyn)
- Brooklyn (Brooklyn to Manhattan)

Note that Manhattan Island, Marble Hill, Randall's Island, Ward's Island, and Roosevelt Island are all part of the Borough of Manhattan.